Pointize provides a Card-linked Marketing platform for Banks that can transform your relationships with your customers!

Card linked marketing is a method by which banks can motivate their card holders to increase their spends using their debit and credit cards.

Our Cardlinked Marketing Program benefits all stakeholders i.e. The Bank, The Customer and the Merchants. Our program works as follows:

  • 1. We deploy white labeled mobile and web applications for Banks’ Customers in just a few weeks.
  • 2. Customers benefit by receiving timely marketing offers from a variety of retailers across categories based on their interest and location.
  • 3. The Bank benefits from the program because it motivates their cardholders to use the Bank’s debit and credit cards over others thereby increasing fee revenues.
  • 4. The entire program is funded by the merchants and provided at no-cost to the Bank!
Retailers, Go Get Em’! We have solved the Customer Acquisition Puzzle for you!
  • 1. We can help you gain new customers by targeted marketing campaigns to audiences that only we have access to!
  • 2. We have signed up with Banks and other large brands that do not compete with you.
  • 3. We have the ability to create omnichannel campaigns including email, sms, web, mobile and print media.
  • 4. Now, you can close the loop and find out exactly how successful your marketing spend has been!
Banks can create a merchant funded program deployed on state of the art, cloud based mobile and web apps to increase their engagement with their customers.
Banks benefit by witnessing increasing spends on their debit and credit cards and a heightened level of engagement.
The entire program along with the enabling technology can be merchant funded, which means there is no cost to the bank!
Retailers benefit by acquiring customers through closed loop, multi-channel marketing campaigns to targeted audiences.
Card linked Marketing programs are much more effective and more engaging than conventional loyalty programs!