Revolutionizing Timeshare Lead Gen and Resales
  • Easy & Instant sharing of timeshare points and vacation certs via emails, chat etc.,
  • New prospects receive seamless access to your booking platforms via our system authentication without any wait or elaborate registration
  • Be notified and have control over any timeshare resales by your owners or their third party agents

A path breaking New Product that would allow Timeshare Companies to prospect and generate Leads through easy, referral marketing i.e. email/chat based sales/sharing of points or trial timeshare vacation packages or vacation certificates. Vacation Certificates and Trial Packages can be shared instantly via email to the Buyer and they can immediately search and book on your platform using the authentication provided by our systems.

Using our powerful system to effect easy transfer of assets between any two parties. This is a very powerful tool for timeshare resales and ensures authenticity and price control on timeshares sold in the secondary market regardless of where it is sold.

Members can drive referral activity by sharing their vacation club points with anyone via email or even a link on their Whatsapp and their guests can seamlessly access your systems even though they are not known to your system. This is enabled via our system authentication that is hacker proof.

Bloctime also enables seamless and easy onboarding of Partner Products from Car Rentals to Vacation Rentals from 3rd Party Sites without actually having to go through time consuming and complex integration with your Partners.

With BlocTime™, your customers can:
Search and Book on your platform using the authentication provided by our system
Easy transfer of assets between any two parties
Share vacation points with anyone via email, whatsapp link etc
Access partner brands products without complex integration