Enjoy the best of both worlds to get the better of numbers.

BizSciences is a company committed to adding value to your memberships using technology. Our full suite of solutions for membership-based businesses addresses multiple challenges at various touch points.

  • At the customer end: Our solutions allow you to leverage mobility, location and connections to improve customer engagement and loyalty like never before.
  • At the backend: Our cloud-based platform and proprietary database ensure that you can handle millions of members and innumerable transactions with great ease.
  • On the planning table: Our predictive analytics tools aid both strategic and tactical planning to device better and more focused means of maximizing customer loyalty.
  • On your top line: Higher brand equity, a profit generating loyalty program, and a truly loyal customer base only mean more and better business and a happier top line.
  • On your bottom line: No capex, no ongoing maintenance costs, and freedom from rigid payment options mean a healthier bottom line.

BizSciences is led by a group of highly accomplished professionals with several decades of experience in diverse areas such as loyalty marketing, travel and timeshare, hospitality, analytics, and cloud-based application development.