Hybrid Database™
Enjoy the best of both worlds to get the better of numbers.
  • The structure of relational database
  • The flexibility of NoSQL
  • The power to handle truly big data

With millions of members / users, innumerable daily transactions, and unpredictable scale requirements becoming a norm rather than an exception for most businesses, relational databases leave us with a conflict. We can't do with just them – they are simply too rigid and slow to fit into today's dynamic world. And we still (at least most of us) cannot do away them, yet.

So while the SQL vs. NoSQL debate rages on, we decided to put the best of both together to create Hybrid DB™. Ideal for today's pace of business, Hybrid DB™ is a cloud-based, data structure-agnostic database that combines flexibility, scale, and reliability.

With Hybrid DB™, you can:
Work with traditional SQL based databases like MySql and Oracle
Add new and multiple types of data to an existing data structure seamlessly
Perform full-text search and quickly retrieve data that depend on complex relationship better than traditional SQL based databases
Integrate with any reporting engine; out of the box support for the Jasper Reports engine
Easily import data and integrate with a host of ETL tools