Club Alchemy™
Club Membership takes on a New Meaning
  • Make connections; remain exclusive
  • Move beyond membership - create affinity groups
  • Leverage cloud technologies to expand reach beyond boundaries

This is a platform that allows Timeshare Developers to form direct partnerships for Back to Back Inventory Exchange with other Developers/Affinity Partners. It is a Cloud Based B2B2C platform. It can facilitate, for example, Marriott Timeshare Owners to book into Disney Resorts and vice versa (based on a presumptive direct commercial arrangement between Marriott and Disney).

Owners will be able to search and book according to Points Values (or other exchange values) set by the respective Timeshare Vacation Clubs using our platform. We presently serve over 5 Developers including Bluegreen, Raintree, Shell Vacation Club, etc., with over 2000 Properties listed on the platform and over 300,000 active Owner/Users.

Our platform can be white labeled to suit the branding needs of your Vacation Club. The key value proposition is to help Developers partner with other clubs to create a larger, richer and mutually beneficial affinity ecosystem that can work as your private exchange offering.

Your Customer Satisfaction Scores will receive a boost as your Vacation Club Members/Owners will be rewarded with more vacation choices within your club.

With Club Alchemy™, you can:
Form Direct Partnerships for Inventory exchange with other Developers/ Affinity partners
Provide unparalleled membership privileges that will help your Customers find value
Partner with other clubs to create a larger, richer, and mutually beneficial affinity ecosystem