Big Prizm™
See Big Data Analytics in a whole new light
  • Analytics beyond mathematical number-crunching
  • Solutions tailored for a range of niche industry verticals
  • Balancing descriptive and prescriptive analytics for strategic business decisions

With data being churned out at a mind-numbing pace, data mining and analytics is no more the preserve of mature industries such as banking or retail (industries that we have been serving for over a decade now!). Big Prizm™ is our answer to the big data challenge faced by industry verticals such as hospitality, healthcare, performing arts, and sports where data usage for business decisions is in its nascent stage.

Big Prizm™ is a combination of:
The science of extracting and examining data with the art of providing practical, non-invasive and actionable solutions
Multiple proprietary modules that address very specific tactical and strategic business challenges
Readymade predictive analytics solutions and customized industry-specific flavors

Big Prizm™ allows you to understand your market, understand your members / customers, uncover and address business opportunities, and enables you to make strategic decisions to maximize customer stickiness and brand loyalty.